Raspberry Pi Build Party

By NextFab (other events)

Friday, May 29 2015 3:00 PM 5:00 PM

Join us for an afternoon Instructables Build Party with Raspberry Pi!  Come on over to NextFab to build your very own PiHub - a tabletop info center using the powerful Raspberry Pi Microprocessor.  Much like Arduino, Raspberry Pi can act as a microcontroller to control LEDs and displays, but has the added power of full computational capabilities.  Part of this includes internet access, which will be put to use to to get data for our PiHub.  We supply you with a Raspberry Pi and associated components as well as buttons, a LCD screen, and a custom case designed here at NextFab to create your very own Pi info-center.  When finished, this build will give you the time, weather, and other interchangeable info that can be accessed at the press of a button!

Mailing Address

2025 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, 19146